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Approval by your Condominium Board

Your condominium Board requires residents who wish to upgrade their “exclusive-use common area” balcony space, to make application to the Board prior to installing any proposed balcony alterations and enhancements. On your behalf Garden Connections will address their requirements such as engineering review and approval of the fabrication and installation details, insurance, indemnification, and the filing and registration of the proposed alteration of your balcony with the deed of your property.

The Condominium Act of Ontario states the following about proposed alterations to balconies like yours:

“No Owner of a Residential Unit shall make any change, addition, modification or alteration, except for any change, addition, modification or alteration which is solely decorative in nature, in his or her Residential Unit without the prior written consent of the Board, which shall be in the sole and unfettered discretion of the Board and may be subject to such conditions as may be determined by the Board.”

Your Design Brief will include the checklist of items that you must submit to the Property Management company who manage your condominium building on behalf of your Condominium Board. These administrative documents will be reviewed by the property manager prior to your Board granting you approval for Garden Connections to install the balcony garden in your suite. The Board meets regularly to review the applications such as yours. The installation of your design will commence shortly after receiving approval by your condo Board.

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