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Garden Connections® is our labour of love. We’re shaping the company from our passion to build a solid, sustainable business that values its people and most importantly, our dear customers like you. Our management team is comprised of great designers, business strategists, marketing professionals and technical experts in Building Information Modelling, customer service, logistics and landscape architecture. Together we are committed to growing the business by helping our business customers succeed, so condominium buyers and owners like you Complete your Beautiful Life.

Frederick Hann
CSLA, Founder, President - Managing Director
FredHannFred is the driving force of the company and is responsible for the overall strategic direction, its sound management and performance. As Founder, the combination of his vision, tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit is the catalyst behind its development, growth and success. As a Master Landscape Architect Fred is a domain expert in linking our needs and desires for beauty with the world of design & landscape architecture. He has 25 years business experience in project planning for the creation of private gardens, residential communities and parks. He is co-founder of Land Planning Associates Inc., a landscape planning and environmental services company in Atlantic Canada. He is the founder of SiteWorks Inc. a design-build business. He has served on the Board of Upper Battery Limited a real estate management company in St. John’s, NL. Fred’s education and training in design, the natural and social sciences enable him to envision business models and a product road map that translates our innate needs and desires for beauty into engaging visual and spatial sensory experiences in our private outdoor environments. He is a member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects.
Julia Bray
M.Sc., Co-Founder
Julia BrayJulia is principal and founder of Ideas+Design™, designing solutions in light, colour and form for luxury residential condominiums owners in Toronto. Prior to returning to her hometown of Toronto in 2011, Julia was based in New Brunswick, where she owned and operated a strategic environmental communications consultancy, Infoplexxus Inc. Committed to helping her clients create sustainable futures, and working throughout Atlantic Canada, she added value to private corporations and public organizations. Julia was a member of the New Brunswick Premier’s Round Table on Environment and Economy, and contributed as a member of several public and non-governmental Boards, focused on community engagement and environmental policy.
Robert Lane
Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales
Robert LaneRobert joined Garden Connections Inc. in an advisory role in 2014. He is the managing partner of Robert H. Lane and Associates Inc. He works very closely with the CiRBA Board and Executive on overall corporate strategy and business development initiatives. His experience also includes senior management positions with NORTEL, GE, Coca-Cola and International Paper. He was 20 years as a Management Consultant to Canadian, American and International organizations, including technology start-ups, public utilities, government agencies and Fortune 100 companies. He served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Commodore International from 1981 to 1984 – sold over 200 million units of the Commodore 64, Vic 20 and other models, and established Commodore as the world’s leading home computer company, prior to Commodore’s demise. Following his departure from Commodore he has served in various positions at Northern Electric Ltd (now Nortel Networks) from 1974 to 1981, the last as President. Mr. Lane served as the Chief Executive Officer of Nedco (electrical and electronic products distribution) and Vice President of International for Data 100 senior marketing positions at GE Canada from 1968 to 1974 active in Home Automation and Energy Management since 1980’s. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Advisory Board of Energy Advantage Inc. He served as the Chairman of the Board and Director – Zentronics Ltd (large electronic component supplier); He served as the Chairman Advisory Board – METEX Systems Inc. He serves as a Member of Advisory Board of GridPlex Networks LLC. He serves as a Board Member or Advisor to various companies in the U.S. and Canada including Mine Radio Systems Inc., Claims Corp. Inc.
Brian Miller
CTO (Advisory)
Brian MillerBrian started working with Garden Connections in an advisory technology role in 2014. He is the founder of Rhodes Management Consulting, Brian targets early stage companies that require strategic technology advice in order to achieve business objectives such as scaling for broader market opportunities, improving operational efficiencies, and reducing technology costs. Prior to that, Brian was a co-founder of TradeRoster Solutions, a SaaS based start-up providing online tender management to the construction industry. As a technology leader, Brian has focused on software development and IT operations and has held leadership positions in private and public companies including Algorithmics, Grocery Gateway, Indigo, Points International, and Nightingale Informatix. His experience spans a range of industries including healthcare, retail, supply chain logistics, and finance delivering ecommerce, SaaS, and enterprise solutions. Brian has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Western’s Richard Ivey School of Business.
Mikhail Tishanin
Project Manager
Mikhail TishaninChallenging issues – great opportunities, unfamiliar areas – the possibility to learn something new, failure – valuable experience; these are a few examples of my attitude that I am trying to apply in my private and professional life.

Nicolas Correa Carrillo
Building Systems, 3D Modelling
Nicolas Correa CarrilloNicolas oversees the creation of the 3D models and presentation imagery using a variety of computer software. He is a graduate of George Brown College, Toronto Architectural Technology program and oversees the production of working drawings from concept to fabrication, assembly and installation. Although his work is mainly performed at the office, Nicolas periodically visits a project while being installed to confirm compliance with details and specifications. He is the bridge between the creation of working drawings and what is actually created on each balcony.
Sebastian Ayala Ruiz
Building Systems, 3D Modelling
Sebastian Ayala RuizSebastian is our ninja building information modelling specialist. A graduate of George Brown College, he oversees our building systems design projects from concept through to fabrication and installation. It’s simply amazing to watch him create spectacular 3D visualizations of our designs and the related documentation to support the end-to-end project building lifecycle.

High Caliber Talent

A cadre of highly skilled, mid-level through to senior executive personnel and talented designers, engineers, technicians, logistics specialists and experts in digital and social media support us diligently in the wings. As a team we strive to deliver exceptional value to our clients, the innovative condominium developers and the condominium buyers and owners they serve.

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