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From exterior surface finishes to hardware details, distinctive hardscape materials to organizational accessories, our design details definitely set us apart. We emphasize first-class furnishings that complement the design of your condominium home, making the use of your exclusive use, common area balcony a joy and a style statement.

We pride ourselves on the quality of all components and elements of our systems and procedures.


Our hardscape materials provide flexibility, whether your preference is wood, natural stone and everlasting plant ground cover and full of fun. Plus, the materials we use can be personalized to your preferences.


Our favoured wood decking material is Brazilian hardwood for durability and easy to care suitable for the micro-climatic conditions with variations of temperature and solar aspect experienced on balconies, terraces and rooftop environments. It is available in a range of finishes to complement your décor. While our Fortuna line of finishes offers the classic look of natural wood, our Chronos stone line offers more contemporary, textile-inspired options. We can offer a beautiful range of finishes whatever your design aesthetic.


Various decking patterns are available ranging from rectilinear to curvilinear designed to match either an Asian, classic / formal or contemporary styles. These subtle design accents can readily transform the look of your balcony space, to make a confined area feel for spacious.


Proper lighting transform the black box feeling of your balcony at night to a fully enjoyable extension of the interior of your suite. Our LED light systems can be adjusted to create the drama your desire be it sitting in your lounge chair with your favourite beverage or book or with family and friends for a social event. We offer a range of state-of-the-art lighting options that are functional and beautiful


To top off the look, feel and functionality of your balcony we have assembled and matched collections of accessories that compliment your activities. From heating and shade systems, storage systems, end-wall treatments, sculptural forms and installations, to plant containers, and sound attenuation devices, our accessories create the ideal place for you to maximize the experience of your balcony while outside beyond your balcony door or from the inside looking out. No matter what time of year, whether it’s during the cold days of winter or the hot days of summer, our accessories have got your covered to extend the use and comfort of your outdoor living room overlooking the spectacular panorama of your city.


The selection of the correct furniture and colours to coordinate with your interior living space is a non-trivial task. Most furniture sold in furniture retailers is unsuitable for the rigorous conditions found on a balcony. Balcony spaces by their very nature are confined by the length and width dimensions. Many chair and table combinations simply cannot pass through the narrow space of the balcony door. If it does the next concern is if it is too big for the space thus dwarfing the available space. Can you fit a dining table, or just a bistro table and 2 chairs? What about a lounger, or a comfy armchair? Is there sufficient room to move around the furniture so your balcony doesn’t feel cramped? Other characteristics of concern include such issues as the weight and construction of the furniture. Will it remain on the balcony during windy conditions and fall to the street below? Our product specialists have surveyed products available from several furniture manufacturers to arrive at furniture collections that meet our criteria and standards

Let us help you select furniture to meet your style, space and budget to completely transform your balcony.

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