The Beautiful Balcony Solution 

Step 1: ARE We Right for YOU?


We love to hear your vision. We begin with a brief fifteen minute introductory call to  hear about what you hope to achieve with your balcony upgrade project and you will learn what we can do for you. Then together we can determine if The Beautiful Balcony Solution™ is the right fit for you. 

Step 2: Your Complimentary Consultation


To understand the details of your requirements and needs, we offer a complimentary 60-minute consultation with your Design Concierge in the comfort of your home or by video. We'll explore all that you imagine an ideal balcony or terrace could be and get the specifics of your outdoor space.  We’ll help you identify your personal design styleand give you an idea of the approximate cost to transform your balcony.   After your consultation, we’ll supply you with a proposal that outlines what we discussed and your preliminary decisions and the next steps in the process. You decide now if you want to continue


Step 3: Choose Your Personalized Design


Your balcony transformation starts with your personalized design. You choose a design you love, and your Design Concierge will make sure it fits your balcony shape and size. Then decide how much you want to do: start with decking (natural wood, stone or both), lighting (a little or a lot) and plants (grasses or boxwoods or something else). Then add a mirror, heaters, or a trellis. Your Design Concierge will propose the ideal layouts to meet your needs, and suggest furniture that matches your style preferences and fit your space.

When you're done personalizing,  we'll provide you with a Design Brief complete with sketches and a 3D rendered plan, showing your balconytransformed with your chosen materials, accessories and furniture, and the estimated the final cost. In other words, your Design Concierge will manage the entire process for you. 


Step 4: Board/council Approval 


Your Condo Board or Strata Council reviews and approves your plans before we can go ahead together. But don’t worry – we've done this before! Garden Connections makes sure your project complies with your condo corporation’s rules and regulations. We handle all the details of preparing your application and, with your signature, we submit it for approval to your Condo Board or Strata Council. 

More about board/council approval


Step 5: Fabrication & Installation

Fabrication of your balcony components takes place off-site, with no disruption or inconvenience to you. Your Design Concierge remains your point of contact throughout the process. We'll let you know once everything needed for your balcony is assembled, to set a date to install. Installation normally takes 2 – 5 days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of your project. Install is more like putting together the pieces of a puzzle than construction, with lots of tweaking and adjusting, to get the fit right. You can contact your Design Concierge with any questions or concerns that might arise. The entire process can usually be completed within a few weeks of condo board approval.


Step 6: Enjoy!


Celebrate the completion of your new balcony and invite your family and friends over to share the experience with you.

When you need us, Garden Connections will be there. We’ll keep in touch to offer you periodic maintenance services, help you decorate for a special event, or select new accessories.