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Our classic designs are associated with the traditional architecture of grand homes and palaces. Characterized by geometric and symmetrical shapes, classic designs tend to be highly structured with formal topiary, or have a relaxed formality interspersed with loose arrangements in beautiful plant containers.

Gatsby was astonishing. He even arranged to see to it that the book about him was regarded as a novel, fiction, as though he didn’t exist. Even Fitzgerald, by the time he was through writing it, believed he’d dreamed the whole thing up. Some knew the truth all along, of course; knew everything except the source of all that money. (Even by today’s standards, when millions mean nothing, only billions matter, Gatsby was incomprehensibly rich.) When Gatsby walked into a room, the first place he walked up to was the balcony glass door, opened it, paused and then stepped out, onto the beautiful balcony space to breathe in the fresh air. Even the way he did it made people talk. And probably will still make them talk. Gatsby’s balcony, of the same character as the Classic style, was like nothing else. (Gatsby had his balconies made in Italy, and shipped to his homes for assembly and installation by his highly skilled craftsmen.) The materials we have used in our uncompromising replica of Gatsby’s balcony are so refined that even a person who notices nothing cannot help but to notice something. Gatsby, of course, could afford to have a classic balcony for every room in his grand homes; just imagine. Never mind. All that matters is that you have one, just one. A piece of how things were and how they can be.



The Contemporary Style reflects current lifestyles and the world of our time. It is characterized by minimalist forms and straight lines, combined with clean plantings of ornamental grasses and horsetails.
Contemporary spaces can include innovative lighting, shade and heating systems, and an array of furniture collections to match the taste, desired mood and aspirations of any client.



With visual harmony at its core, the Contemplative style is characterized by landscape in miniature. Symbolic representations of mountains, forests and oceans provide sensory calmness and emotional quietude. It embraces seemingly contradictory qualities subtlety and boldness, delicacy and vitality, balance and asymmetry. It embodies a dynamic fusion of traditional and innovation. It celebrates the integration of nature, art and daily life, while emphasizing the beauty of rusticity and the imperfect.

Natural elements such as stone and wood are enhanced with clipped flowering shrubs and Japanese maple. Gravel is raked into curvilinear lines representing water and streams, boulders represent mountainscapes. These elements combined with a variety of mosses ferns bamboo and ornamental grasses, create a contemplative mood.


"When I bought my condo in one of the first things I had to do was to transform the harshness of the cold, bare balcony. It was like a bleak, forgotten space attached to my suite!... The Garden Connections results are awesome! Their design has expanded the feeling of spaciousness in my suite and at night the lighting has eliminated that black box void feeling next to my living room... I think it is extremely unique and cool!"



"The balcony created by Garden Connections is my favourite part of my condo home."



"We first came across Garden Connections during a visit to an Open House event at the building. Our first impression was WOW, this is really a fantastic idea!

The Garden Connections team worked with us each step of the way to create the design concept, presentation drawings, implementation of the installation work and the most important step was the long... process of approval required by our Condo Board. The Garden Connections team did heavy lifting with the Condo Board."



"Fantastic, I am very happy with the result! It looks spectacular at night."



"I moved into my new condo in early 2014 and as the cold weather cleared I started to peer outside and recognized the cold, concrete balcony wasn’t a welcoming space and didn’t fit the design or overall feel of my condo. 

With some investigation, I found Fred Hann and his team at Garden Connections who showed me some fantastic balcony designs. After a detailed consultation, they provided a comprehensive design that added a whole new space to my condo. 

Garden Connections worked with the Condo Board and building management to complete the project in a timely and professional manner. I have found the Garden Connections excellent to deal with; they have created a unique outdoor space for my Toronto condo that is truly spectacular."



"We had a very positive experience with Garden Connections in creating the upgrades to our three balcony terraces. The wood and stone decking look great. And at night, with the lighting, it looks fantastic."



"The Japanese style upgrade that Garden Connections created for my balcony is quite beautiful. The simplicity of the layout and the materials are very nice, and at night it looks wonderful from the inside."


Many people might see what's on HGTV is just made-for-TV. They are right. In real life, decent professionals who respect their crafts enough to be able to help you create the living environment you would like to have are extremely hard to find. I was so fortunate to have a chance to see such a professional like Fred Hann of Garden Connections in action. I appreciate his professionalism not only in his design acumen but also his integrity in project management. I originally had a design in mind for my terrace, but after working just a bit with Fred I learnt that what I should have done was to ask to see what his vision is. As Fred is a consummate customer-oriented professional, he always wanted to defer to his client. But upon my insistence in a site meeting he quickly sketched out his geometry of the space, and seeing his creativity at work is a joy. Unfortunately due to mishaps of the renovation of the interiors of the condo unit by another contractor regrettably I could not have Fred's terrace design built. But I do like to share my experience with potential clients of Fred to say that if by any chance you might have an inkling of investing some money to create your own functional yet aesthetically pleasing outdoor refuge in which you could seek solace away from your hectic urban life do talk to Fred as you just might be able to have a little precious corner of the world that you are longing for.

— An academic who admires the clean lines of Mies van der Rohe, the palette of Piet Mondrian and the purpose of Eames


"The incredible outdoor balcony spaces created by Garden Connections bring the inside to the outside and marry the two together…It’s an important selling feature when people look to the outside they say, wow, I now know what I can do with it. I think the balconies you have created have been helpful with sales.  Whenever you can do something unique that enhances the lifestyle of condominium living it adds to the appeal of your product."


"The design concepts and plans Garden Connections created for the balconies and terraces in our new developments are beautiful. The upgrades to balconies and terraces are attractive for new buyers."