Get the Beautiful Balcony Solution™ that's the perfect fit for your lifestyle and personal taste.

Planned • Designed • Fabricated • Installed... special for you to have the balcony of your dreams!


If your balcony could use some love we are happy to offer you a complimentary consultation!

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Complete Your Beautiful Life

The inside of your suite is fantastic, but what's outside your window? Do you wonder... 

What can I possibly do with my balcony?

You know it’s going to take more than a chair.

That's where we can help. We exist to rid the world of bare balconies. That's our gig. And we have years of experience creating gorgeous balconies and terraces.

More About Us

How It Works


1. are we Right For You?

We love to hear your vision. We begin with a brief fifteen minute call to get to know you and address any questions you may have. (Rest assured we don't do any sales pitching.)

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2. Meet Your Design Concierge

To learn the specifics of your requirements and needs, we offer a complimentary 60-minute consultation in the comfort of your home or by video. Completely free of cost or obligation.

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3.Choose Your Personalized Design

You choose your style and how much you want to do. Your Design Concierge will manage the entire process: from layouts that fit your space, to suggesting the perfect materials, finishes, furniture and even accessories. 

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4. Board/ Council Approval

Your Condo Board or Strata Council reviews and approves the plans. You sit back – we handle all the details for you. 


5. Fabrication & Installation

Fabrication of your balcony components takes place off-site with no inconvenience to you, and can be completely installed in as little as 1–3 days depending on the size and scope of your project. And of course, all is Canadian made!

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6. Enjoy!

Celebrate the completion of your new balcony transformation and invite your family and friends over to share the experience with you. 
Who'd imagine your balcony could be your favourite place?


Simplicity and Elegance are the hallmarks of our balcony and terrace transformations.


"The balcony created by Garden Connections is my favourite part of my condo home."



"When I bought my condo one of the first things I had to do was to transform the harshness of the cold, bare balcony. It was like a bleak, forgotten space attached to my suite!... The Garden Connections results are awesome!



The Garden Connections team worked with us each step of the way ... they did all the heavy lifting with the Condo Board."