balcony transformation services

What we offer

- Style Assessment
- In-Home Meeting
- Layout Planning
- Design Brief
- 3-D Renderings
- Condo Board Application
- Fabrication & Installation
- Furniture Recommendations
- Accessory Sourcing
- Seasonal Maintenance
- Staging for Events
- Project Management
- Email & Phone Support


Step 1: Let's Make Sure We're Right for Each Other
INTRODUCTORY CALL We don’t want to waste your precious time, so let’s be frank:  if you are happy to make do with bargain solutions, Garden Connections is probably NOT for you.

However if you are the kind of person who expects professionalism, high standards and quality, we can help you complete your beautiful life. We think you’ll like the way we can meet and exceed your expectations.  

Let's get to know each other with a 15-minute phone call. We’d like to hear about what you hope to achieve with your balcony upgrade project and you will learn what we can do for you. Then together we can determine if The Beautiful Balcony Solution™ is the right fit for you. 

Step 2: Your Complimentary Consultation
DURING YOUR CONSULTATION we'll take an hour in your suite, or by Skype or Facetime video call, to explore the specifics of your home, and all that you imagine an ideal balcony or terrace could be.  We’ll help you identify your personal design style; discuss your preferences, requirements and expectations; answer your questions; and give you an idea of the approximate cost to transform your balcony.  You'll get a clearer picture of what Garden Connections has to offer.

At the end of the hour, you get to decide if you wish to proceed. If "Yes", we request a non-refundable fee to cover the cost of Steps 3 and 4. After your consultation, we’ll supply you with a proposal that outlines what we discussed and your preliminary decisions and the next steps in the process.


Step 3: Personalized Design with Your Design Concierge
Based on your Consultation, your Design Concierge will get back to you with a sggestion of designs, layout configurations, suitable materials and finishes, suggested furniture collections, and accessories that will fit your space and your lifestyle. You can discuss with your Design Concierge and choose your design. Your Design Concierge will be there to answer your questions, manage the process and offer solutions from start to finish. 

Design personalization ensures that your new balcony or terrace will: 

  • reflect your specific requirements and style preference
  • adjust your chosen design to your balcony or terrace shape and size
  • reflect all the different conditions that must be accommodated in your design

Within a week, a Design Brief with conceptual sketches and a 3D rendered plan, showing the before and after views of your balcony, will be presented to you to illustrate how your balcony can be arranged, with your chosen options for materials, accessories and furniture.  

Once we’ve verified the design specifics with you, we can estimate the final cost.

Then, we’ll handle the details of preparing the Design Brief and the administrative forms of the application to be ready for your signature and submit your application for approval to your Condo Board or Strata Council. 


Step 4: Board Approval of Your Plan for Transformation
Your Condo Board reviews and approves your plans before we can go ahead together. But don’t worry – we've done this before! Most condo Boards have a structured process and timing for reviewing applications. We will meet with your Condominium Manager to discuss your project and facilitate your compliance with your condo corporation’s rules and regulations.

Learn more about condo board approval


Step 5: Fabrication & Installation
Upon receiving approval of your Condo Board, you can sign your Agreement with Garden Connections Inc. A date and time will be selected to fabricate and install your new balcony. Your Design Concierge will remain your point of contact throughout the process.

Fabrication of your balcony assembly components takes place off-site in the controlled environment of a fabrication facility. We'll let you know once everything needed for your balcony is assembled, to set a date to install.

Installation normally takes 2 – 5 days to complete, depending on the size and scope of the project. Complex and larger projects can take longer to install.

The entire project can usually be completed within a month of condo board approval. Completion of the project is marked by your signing the “Completion and Compliance Certificate”.


Step 6: Celebrate & Enjoy
Celebrate the completion of your new balcony and invite your family and friends over to share the experience with you.

When you need us we’ll be there. We’ll keep in touch to offer you periodic maintenance services, help you decorate for a special event, or select new accessories. 

All Garden Connections customers have access to our personal shopping program, The Beautiful Life Program, to help you identify and select accessories and furniture across multiple brands. Your Design Concierge makes introductions for you to get preferential pricing.


Transforming or upgrading your balcony or terrace can seem like a daunting experience. You probably wonder "What can I possibly do with this bare, bleak concrete space? Can I have it transformed to be inviting and comfortable so I'd want to go out there? What materials should I use? How can I make it fit and be a seamless extension with the inside of my home? Will my condo Board give me approval to create what I want? How long will it take and is it worth it?"  

So many questions to consider.

We take care of the hassles and worries of trying to figure out how to upgrade your balcony on your own, or falling susceptible to the disappointments of the No-Plan Trap™.

Over the past five years we’ve consistently created balconies and terraces that meet people’s dreams, just like yours.  We're confident we can transform your personal out-door space into one of the favorite places in your home.