the marketing and sales challenge

New and unique features for luxury condominiums are essential for marketing to the prime real estate market for high-net-worth individuals.
Exceptionally beautiful in-suite amenities - designer kitchens, marble bathrooms and custom closets – have become a requirement in a competitive market.

With a high cost of customer acquisition, forward-looking developers are alert for new and innovative ways to find and convert buyers. 

the Beautiful Balcony Advantage Program™

Shangri_La, Toronto where the developer added beautiful balconies

In the dead of the winter of 2013, Garden Connections was asked to help improve the appearance of the bare concrete balconies in one such new building in downtown Toronto. The balcony upgrades would be offered, along with kitchen, bathroom and closet upgrades, when closing deals.

In just weeks, four balcony prototypes were designed, fabricated and installed on the model suite balconies in the cold of January and February. Marketing brochures were produced to showcase the balcony creations for sales events during spring of 2013.

The result was transformative: sales velocity increased and the suites with finished balconies rapidly sold out. The developer saw an advantage to profit margins as well. 

On seeing the beautiful balconies, and the impact on sales, Rizwan Dhanji, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Residential Group, said:

"The incredible outdoor balcony spaces created by Garden Connections bring the inside to the outside and marry the two together. It’s an important selling feature when people look to the outside they say, wow, I now know what I can do with it. I think the balconies you have created at Shangri-La have been helpful with sales. Whenever you can do something unique that enhances the lifestyle of condominium living it adds to the appeal of your product..."


a program for transformation

The Beautiful Balcony Advantage Program™ provides developers with a complete program to upgrade the building’s balconies, from design to installation, which can be put in place pre-build right through to the Upgrades and Options phase of the development.

Garden Connections™ takes a team approach with a developer’s marketing and sales force, positioning  beautiful balconies as the fourth essential marketing feature in prime real estate, high-rise developments - along with those recognized essentials, kitchen, bathroom and closet upgrades.
Garden Connections takes care of every detail in providing a seamless service, delivering two significant advantages:

1.    Sales velocity increase
2.    Remarkable distinction from other developers/developments

Garden Connections™ is leading the market, in providing luxury condominium developers with end-to-end beautiful balcony and terrace upgrade solutions for the prime real estate condominium market, transforming bare concrete balconies into a quality extension of high net-worth condo owners’ lifestyle.


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