Managing upgrades of 'exclusive use common areas' (EUCA™)

Condominium owners are increasingly looking to increase their living space by upgrading their balconies and terraces.  You know that piece-­meal requests from owners to upgrade their Exclusive Use Common Elements (EUCA™) place significant demands on your time and precious resources. And we understand your concerns about exposure to risk of liability from upgrades that are done incorrectly or, that disregard your building rules or fail to meet building codes.

As a Condo Board or Strata Council member,  or a Property Manager, you demand the highest standards and quality for your Corporation on behalf of the residents in the community that you manage.

When residents increase the area of beautiful living space, they also increase the value of their property investment. And high-quality, professional balcony and terrace upgrades - of consistent and professional standard - increase the value of the whole building.

As part of our work within the brand-new balcony upgrade industry we developed a proprietary program to address these concerns.  The "EUCA™Upgrade Management Program" supports you in the following areas of vital consideration:

  1. Helping owners understand what is permissible and safe when upgrading their balcony or terrace
  2. A system for receiving, reviewing and approving resident's EUCA™ upgrade requests
  3. Engineering approval of all our EUCA™ configurations, designs, materials and methods
  4. Compliance with the Condominium Corporation's rules and by-laws and Section 98 of the Ontario Condominium Act.
  5. Compliance with local building codes
  6. Compliance with WSIB and equivalent for contractors
  7. Verification of contractor liability insurance
  8. Third-party review of proposed upgrades by professional engineers, architects and designers
  9. Checklists for procedural compliance during upgrade, building-exit compliance on completion of upgrade.

Our EUCA™ Upgrade Management Program supports you in avoiding exposure to risks and damage liabilities.

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