Garden Connections was founded on a simple premise: To rid the world of bare balconies and terraces, by transforming them into beautiful spaces that improve the quality of people's lives.

We provide you with ease of access to beautiful balcony designs, matched with your style preferences and a hassle-free fulfillment process, no matter if it’s starting from scratch with a bare concrete deck, tearing out what you already have or adding accessories. 

We save you time getting what you want and deserve, with our Design Concierge customer service.

Complete Your Beautiful Life™ - make your balcony your favourite place in your luxury condominium home.

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Design Concierge Customer Service

From the moment you start envisioning the transformation of your bare balcony to the day your outdoor living space is completed, you are guided along the path of the Beautiful Balcony Solution™ by your Design Concierge.



Turn to the Experts

You are a busy person. That means you focus on where you excel, and you know when to turn to experts. Garden Connections are experts and leaders in creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for luxury condominium homes.



Personalized Design

The Beautiful Balcony Solution™ offers designs created by professional designers. Choose from a collection of versatile designs, and your Design Concierge will help you personalize it, to adapt to your balcony shape and size, and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space matched to your needs and personal style.



Procurement Is Easy

Once registered as a Garden Connections client, you will have access to The Beautiful Balcony Creator Toolkit™ where you will find additional products, accessories and furniture matched to your chosen balcony design, as well as useful services. Your Design Concierge will help you select the best products for your outdoor condominium lifestyle. You do the fun part, we do the work !

It's time to

Complete Your Beautiful Life™

Fred Hann Beautiful Balconies and Terraces



The idea was simple: make it easy for the owners in luxury condominium communities to transform their bare balconies and terraces into beautiful extensions of their homes.

In November 2011 we launched our first version of gardenconnections.com. Our first balcony transformations were created for the developer of Shangri-La Toronto, residences and private estates and installed in the winter of 2012-13. Those first balcony upgrade models represented a very steep learning curve. While they were very successful for our first developer client we were not an instant success. The first few years were particularly humble. We started with initial investments by wonderful friends and family. We were ahead of the curve and bootstrapped a lot of the innovation we created. We went through a series of learning experiences. Our fabrication and installation was slow. Our website was confusing. Developers were still stinging from the 2008-09 financial crisis. But we stuck with it. Listened to our customers. Improved our systems. Became experts in the ecosystem of our market space. Embraced new technology and user interface. Supply chain and logistics. Subsequent condo owners were enabled to transform their bare balconies into fulfilling, beautiful extensions of their new homes to complete their luxury condominium living lifestyle.

Out of this innovative work emerged the unique branded solution for Condo Buyers and Owners called The Beautiful Balcony SolutionProgram; for Condominium Developers, The Beautiful Balcony AdvantageProgram, and for Property Managers, Condominium Boards and Strata Councils, we created a physical space management program that works in tandem with The Solutions Program™ called, The EUCA Upgrade Management Program™. These programs are in service in various buildings in Toronto and soon in Vancouver, BC. Now condo buyers and owners can capitalize on Garden Connections' experience and expertise to avoid the disappointment and unnecessary expenses of The No-Plan Trap™ when transforming their bare balconies and terraces.

At Garden Connections, quality isn’t a single thing. It is everything. It is in the beautiful designs, the selection of materials, the fabrication procedures that come together to transform bare and barren balconies and terraces into beautiful personal outdoor spaces with gorgeous finishes and uncompromising fit. It is in the care we take of each Garden Connections balcony owner to create a balcony or terrace experience that is, quite simply, without equal. Some say that we are Obsessed. Yes, thank you, that we are. It began with Frederick Hann, an award winning master landscape architect driven to design and to create the most beautiful balconies and terraces in the world for the buyers and owners of luxury condominium homes. We take pride in what we create. The pursuit of excellence continues.