CAN I USE GARDEN CONNECTIONS IF I AM not in one of the communities you currently serve?

Absolutely yes! You can access our balcony and terrace transformation services from wherever you live provided you have an internet connection. Whether in-person or by video, our offering to you starts with a face-to-face consultation meeting.  Once you've decided to go ahead with us you be connected with one of our Design Concierge to complete the design process by video, phone calls and emails.  You will still have access to The Beautiful Balcony Solution Program™ where you can select your style preference, personalize a design and layout configuration matched to your style preference. We can even give you a ball-park idea of what it will cost.

However it will be up to you to engage the contractors who build your balcony for you and negotiate the price. We are not able to recommend fabricators or installers in your community. When you are choosing contractors, remember that they will have to ensure their installation meets building code, as well as comply with all of your condominium rules.

You will also have to prepare your application to your Condo or Strata Board, and manage the project yourself.