Will my Strata Council / Condo Board have to approve Garden Connections’ Balcony or Terrace flooring system?

Maybe, it really depends on your Condo Board / Strata Council and the rules and regulations of your condominium community. The main concern Boards and Councils have with the addition of ‘patio’ type outdoor flooring, that is primarily design for ‘ground level’ applications, is exposure to risk and liability brought on the condo community by condo owners and residents who disregard the condo communities' rules and regulations. Some owners go rogue and make alterations, improvements and additions to their balconies or terraces without consulting the Board / Council property management. Most owners are unaware of the concerns for structural loading, flammability of the decking materials, interruption of water and air flow under the flooring surface and concerns for penetration of the concrete slab and degradation of the concrete surface protective coating. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Garden Connections’ balcony flooring system has been designed to address these concerns and meet Condo Board or Strat Council rules and regulations.  The Garden Connections decking system is a ‘floating’ assembly system of interlocking non-flammable components that is not attached to the concrete slab in any way. All components of the system have been reviewed by structural engineers and building code consultants. Rain water or surface water is not permitted to accumulate or ‘pool’ in any way. The floating decking system is designed to enable water to flow through the decking materials and panels across the concrete slab surface to the edge of the balcony. Air is able to circulate and evaporate above and below each panel to maintain a dry and odour free surface. Each Condo Board / Strata Council have their own unique rules and regulations that may vary from building to building. We strongly suggest before you make any modification, alteration or improvement to your balcony that you discuss your proposed balcony upgrade with your condo property manager and consult the by-laws of your condo community prior to making an application to upgrade your balcony. Roof terraces upgrades require a unique system that is different from that used on balconies. Garden Connections balcony and terrace products have been designed to meet National, Provincial and Municipal building codes. We would be delighted to provide any condo Board or Strata Council with a complimentary estimate to have all balconies, terraces and patios transformed for an overall uniform appearance to match the visual and architectural standards of a condominium community.